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A guide to advanced use of reusables

How to display several parameters into popup, not from the RG

Hey, can anybody help with this?

I’ve heard that reusable elements can help me.

Great post @petter ! Thanks very much for this! Fell into this thread after reading your post about performance (bought the book btw, hope I’ll learn a lot from it!)
I feel like reusable elements behave the same way as reusable/child components if you are from a front dev background e.g. in vuejs

Was just wondering if this editor-performance issue was still a subject of matter now (as it is 18 months from the post) and if yes what is now the best and free approach (the ones listed in your post) ? the best and paid approach/plugin?

I am using reusable elements in a single web app, and I use actions WHEN PAGE LOADS for each reusable element.

But the REUSABLE PAGE LOAD gets triggered multiple times and I have no idea why. I want to execute only ONCE the page load.

have you noticed this? how to avoid it? I want to improve performance

The editor performance is still definitely an issue, unfortunately. Whether this will change with the new editor update I don’t know, unfortunately.

I’m not exactly sure what your setup looks like, but if you have multiple reusables on the same page, then the page load workflow will trigger for each one of them. They’ll also trigger whenever you use the Go to page action, even if you don’t leave the page (by changing some URL parameters for example)


@petter Great post! I had a couple of frustrations with Env Variables. The big one is it doesn’t work for lists. It also doesn’t have a clean way to raise an event (e.g. pick up on the main page if a button is clicked in the reusable element). I’ve written a new plugin to address these issue, which you can find here: The basic concept is very similar to Env Variables. Let me know what you think!

Hi @petter and thanks a lot for the guide. Super helpful!

Can you do an example of the above, please? So I can understand it better.