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Resusable Elements - Speed Up App? Same like Components Figma/Sketch?

Hey, i was wondering if someone used the reusable elements the same as Components in Figma or Sketch. (Design Systems) And if you know if this makes the loading or performance better. Or is the idea more that you can reuse features if they are the same - but in the end if i copy the same feature and enter it directly in another page (as normal and not reusable element) do i have any problems or miss any benefits (expect from changing everything by hand)?

Multiple Nesting of Resuable Elements would be Possible - even more with the new Responsive Editor

Thx a lot

Hello @buero

This post may shed some light on your question. As for nesting reusables … yeap it is a good practice and works quite well! :smiley:

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Found this link in a book about bubble performance

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