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A repeating group grouped by month then inside a repeatinging group of events of the month of the grouped line


In A I’ve a repeating group of events.

In B
1 - I’ve a repeating group of events grouped by month. It’s permit to display the name of the month.

–> I want to display in another RG under the month, the events in this month.

I don’t find the way how to do it…

Thanks for your help.


If Start Time is a date, maybe you can try this :

In the Data source Input you select “Filtered”.

Now in the popup your select “Advanced” and you write something like:

This event’s Start Time extract month is Current cell’s Grouping’s date extract month

Let me know if it works

To anwser to myself :wink:

It works as follows…


Just did my own based on your example. Thanks for sharing this! Great solution!

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I also wanted to say that I found this to be exactly what I needed. Thank you!