A very dumb questions about scheduling a workflow on a list

Hi there,

I am changing the way my recursive workflow are done by using the schedule API on a list of things (the recommended new method for recursive). Previously, using recursive workflow I can track when the workflow is completed. But with “schedule API workflow on a list of thing”, how do you track when the workflow is completed?
I need to schedule another workflow that dependant on the value of the previous workflow so it can’t start until the first Schedule API is complete.

Hope that make sense,


Not dumb at all.
If execution time and speed is not a big deal :
1- the API worklfow that will run on the list : should mark each thing it has run. For example add a “run_completed_on:datetime” on the datatype.
2- at the time you schedule your API on a list, also schedule another workflow that will check in X minutes if the job is completed or not, and you pass the list as an argument
3- the workflow that checks if the job is completed consists in doing a search and checking if all things has a value in their “run_completed_on”

And ultimately, you loop this checking workflow for as long as all things have not been treated.
And maybe you integrate that with a counter so that if all things are not treated after a very long time you create a bug_report_log or other similar kind of debuging action.