Ability to use tags (hashtags or usertags)?

I am building an app and would like to be able to link data types using a hashtag or usertag just like you can on this forum. Is this currently possible?

Example of a hashtag #uncategorized
Example of a usertag @emmanuel


This is not something we support yet, but can look into adding this at some point. We’ll put this on our list.


While those two are on the list, please add on URL detection in text and multi-line text elements.


I think what you mean is … “yes, this has been on our list for 4 months as NigelG has already requested it” :grinning: :laughing:

It would be really useful, but I got round it by having multiple “categories” instead.


Just to add to the feature list, ideally I would want to be able to specify what data type the symbols are linked to. For instance, in a current app I’m building I would like the @ symbol to link to the “Character” data type and the # symbol to link to multiple data types (location, scene, etc), if possible.

regarding the multiple data-types you mention for #, having a common data-type ancestor for them could help (see my suggestion at Data inheritance), but they could also have a common field all of them that holds back to them (has a reference back to them as a field of its own)

there is a problem doing such things with refs though that you can leave back garbage in the database if not careful at deletions (or sometimes you can’t avoid it since there are no item deletion events to cleanup your data items children). See Item deletion event

@emmanuel Found the following that may help with building this idea

https://jeff-collins.github.io/ment.io/ (seems like best option)
http://urbanoalvarez.es/smart-area/ (seems like second best option)


Scott, you might be able to use blockspring and this
JS plugin (http://soapbox.github.io/linkifyjs/docs/plugin-hashtag.html) to get the URL detection you were looking for.

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Thanks, I’ll check these out, it’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while, but never found the time for it.


Please @mentions!

Any update on timeline to deploy this @emmanuel

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Not really

Hi all, Bubble has approved a request to create this feature once funds are raised. You can contribute to the goal here: https://featureseed.com/request/add-ability-to-use-tags-hash-tags-and-user-tags


Seeded this. And the queries.

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Do we now have hastag feature and the multiline tweet.

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So is it possible to use hashtags and usertags with Bubble now? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes check the tagger plugin

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I am not sure if this will help exactly for your cause, but I am using the Multi-select plugin to get definite tags from the user:


Any update on this feature… hash tag as we type

Are tags like this possible in Bubble? If I’m adding a piece of content and I want 3 tags to describe and than make it searchable by free text or filtering by tags?

Any templates / pages created for this?