About Backend workflow APIs

Just a quick question about the backend workflow.
Will it be the same in performance if I use API workflows for every single workflow I do in my app?
Or will it cost more time to call the function and then perform it?

Performance may be impacted if you use backend workflows for all of your app’s workflows because each call to the backend adds overhead. The impact, however, will probably differ depending on the particular use case and the level of workflow complexity.

It might be more effective to carry out simple workflows using Bubble’s client-side workflows directly on the front-end if they simply call for basic data processing. However, it may be better to use backend workflows if your workflows require complex logic or significant data processing.


Alright Thank you so much.
Another Quick Question, is there anyway of intertanment for the user like a loading/patience animation that I can use while the data processing part, a plugin or something built-in?

you can create it using a pop up and an icon :v: