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About the Jobs / Freelance category

We have more and more users that need some help to build their apps, because of a short deadline, etc. This category is for this. If you need something, post it there, and hopefully the community will jump in.

Hi! I need help finding a freelance bubble developer to help finish a project that was started but needs help getting finished up quickly and efficiently. Specifically, any background with integrations between bubble and MailChimp and Stripe Beta and Mandril would be AWESOME!

Hi Melissa,

Did anyone ever contact you to help you? I am trying to find a freelancer myself.

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I’m looking for a freelancer to work on a Christian based project. Preferably someone that is interested in working in small chunks over a long period. They need to be ok with screen sharing while they work and be more interested in functionality over design and style. Let me know if you are interested.

HI, i’m looking for a freelancer to build me an application to manage my clinic database and build an online access for my patients.

Hi there. Where are you located? Sharing the following information you might be interested in:

Freelance developer

Hello, I would like to build a financial calculator to host on my word press site. It will have some user input fields and calculate a cash flow statement and maybe some charts to visualize as well.

Below, please find the Google Sheets model that I would like converted into a Bubble application. The yellow are inputs / default and adjustable assumptions, and the white cells are outputs.

I am looking to hire a freelance developer to build this, and I would love to learn about how it is built during that process.

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Hey guys, I need help with application I am developing in bubble right now. Looking for freelancer for long term cooperation. Let me know who is free and we can talk. Please PM me for more info :slight_smile:

Hello, I need urgent help to build an interactive website. Anyone?


I can help you with your requirement. Please get me in contact.

Please see PM.



Welcome to the bubble community. Could you share more details about what kind of app are you looking to build. Sharing more details could get the professional freelancers interested in your project.