Abs values or Negatives to Positive

I’m trying to perform some calculations and I require that the numbers be positive. The field I draw the values from could be positive or negative so I can’t automatically assume to change the sign of the value.

In Excel the function for this is ABS but I can’t seem to find any discussion on how this is accomplished in Bubble.

Build a condition that if the number is less than 0 then to multiply it by -1


Thank you, that’s not a perfect solution but one I was able to make work. Maybe Bubble dev’s can consider this a request for an enhancement.

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Years later and we still have no absolute value operator.
I found another workaround for lists, as in lists you can’t multiple each item in a simple expression. It requires using each item: formatted as number, which strangely enough returns a list of texts. Then you can find and replace every - with empty string, and then convert each item back to number