Access the results of a search inside reusable element?

I have a reusable element inside floating group menu that I want to store DB search results in.

For example, in the following image, I want to search my database and return the number of new support requests - this search/count shows in the RE. On the page-level, I want to have a table that shows all open support requests and I want the source of the table to be the search inside the reusable menu. I am trying to do it this way to avoid duplicate searches of the same data. Any ideas?


One way is to put this number to the Current User and set it when the user signed in. But of course, then you have to update it whenever a support request is handled.

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If you’re only retrieving the count inside the reusable element, you aren’t retrieving the full data anyways (considered an Aggregate Search, doesn’t fetch any actual data about the items). So you will need to do the full search again, might as well do it on page where it’s easier to access.

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