Accessing object fields in the plugin editor

Hey everyone,

Been using the plugin editor for a bit now and have built a few private plugins. However, I feel like I’m missing something very obvious in the documentation. Is it possible to access fields of an object provided by the plugin user? I see there is an “Anything with fields” data type, but trying to access fields within that e.g output.get(‘fieldname’) doesn’t seem to yield results.

For instance, let’s say I’m building a menu app and I have a ‘meal’ datatype, which has fields such as (price, ingredients, calories, etc). Is it possible to access those fields from the provided menu object?

While I could always make the fields explicit in the editor, it becomes a bit more difficult to handle when I would like to run an operation on a list of menu objects.

@gevestobs Could you do something? I don’t get it neither…

Take a look

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Thank you, i will!