🎯 Acquiring Bubble Apps / Templates / Plugins

Hey Bubblers,
Levon here - founder at Zeroqode - the leading template/plugin creator for Bubble and no-code development agency.
We are constantly working to build new products to add to our portfolio but also considering acquiring existing ones.

So if you have:

  • an app built on Bubble and you’d like to sell a copy for reselling as a Bubble template (you’d still keep the main app as your own product)
  • existing templates published on Bubble Marketplace
  • existing plugins published on Bubble Marketplace

Please hit me up on twitter - if you don’t have a twitter account just reply here and I"ll send you a DM on the forum. When you reach out please include details and asking price. Thanks!

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Just acquired 8 plugins.

is anyone else interested to sell their plugins/apps/templates? :slight_smile:


There was an issue with the email [email protected] so didn’t receive messages there, the issue is now fixed and if you reached out before, please resend your email. Thanks and sorry for the trouble :pray:

Hi @levon ,

I haven’t developed any templates and plugins yet, but have a few ideas and plan to start developing them.

May I know what is your criteria when buying templates or plugins? This will be useful for reference of future template / plugin developers like me

Thanks in advance

hey @hadirs
thanks for the question:

  • for templates: they have to be well designed, responsive be unique in functionality (not another copy of airbnb app or food delivery), the functionality should be well structured and implemented
  • for plugins - clean code, no bugs and also unique - not a copy of existing plugins

Hope this helps

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Tagging some Bubble plugin developers:

a few more plugin developers:

Hey Bubblers :wave:
Happy to share the news that we’ve just acquired plugins made by notorious bubbler @seanhoots :rocket:

We’ll do our best to maintain and improve these plugins in a timely and efficient manner. Look out for updates on these plugins soon :slight_smile: For any questions or assistance requests please make sure to tag @ZeroqodeSupport

Here is the full list of acquired plugins:

To see almost 300 other Bubble plugins made by Zeroqode please go to https://zeroqode.com/plugins

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