Ad-Hoc Freelance Help WANTED

Hey Community!

Fast, Expert, Ad-hoc Advice Required. Please message us the best way to contact you and your rate if you can help in this way.

Rich and Henry here - trying our hand at building a really exciting and ground breaking App to tackle Social Isolation.

Neither of us are programmers at all, but we thought we would try to use Bubble to make our Prototype.

We will need lots of help as we go along. It would be great to have some contacts that we could reach out to with questions, ideally fast and expert advice to keep the journey from being too long overall.

Anyone in Manchester UK would be ideal.

Exciting journey here we come… :smile: :

please check pm

Welcome and Hellloooooo Manchestoooorrrr.

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Hello ,

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please.

Regards Ezcode Team !