Add elements while clicking button

Hello bros…
I need to create a contains lots of order to reduce its size i am planning to add some hide and show components.

For example if some one needs to add 100 text into the database:
In my form i will put only 1 text input field and i will put a button “add”.when the user enter the 1st text and he is pressing add button, then the prevoius text must be there and must add one more new text field to add other input and so on and the background is resizing to fit even to hold 100 fields.

Same way i can add a group of elements like if the user wants to add their experience details.(suppose they have to add more than 1 experience details.)

And how can i add this undifined number of datas in database?

Anyone please help me to do both…

you can try hide the fields (make sure its collapsible) and in the button workflow, show element?

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