Add gradient to image to fade in

Hey, is there any way to add a gradient over an image, so it can fade into my background? Here is my design which demonstrates what I’m talking about-

You can use the Shape element over the image and set the background transparency of shape around 30%-40% and if you use “processed with Imgix” property their you will see Sepia effect and monochromatic hue effect which may help you out.
But I suggest you to use Shape element for the gradient effect.


@xtechaus the suggestion from @jangidrahul0494 is spot on except I believe you may want to use the Group element instead of the shape element. This is because a shape element is not a container, and from the screen shot your provided of the design you are looking to achieve you have other elements like buttons and text that would be ‘on top’ of the gradient covering the image. So you can use the group, make the background style color set the gradient and then add to the group the other elements such as buttons.


perfect, thanks guys

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