Add In-App purchases to bubblio app

I want to add features that are only available to premium users on my Bubblio app via in app purchases. I looked and did not find all that much help besides maybe using BDK to wrap and build the app. Any help is greatly appreciated. I just want to give users certain permissions once they have made the purchase.

Is your app already wrapped using a service like The BDK?

Once your app is wrapped, you can create IAPs and add them to your app. How you handle permissions once a user makes an IAP is completed is up to you!

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My app is not already wrapped I’m actually trying to narrow down which service I should use to wrap it. Do you know if BDK is a good option or not? If I wrap my app and want to make a small change, do I have to rewrap it and pay the fee again? It seems like some services have a smaller renewal/update fee.

When you say handle permissions, would I likely just make a toggle like “is premium” as part of a user? Do you know of anywhere the process is written up? I’m trying to get some clarity on IAPs and the overall wrapping process.

@peter.misthos are you planning to upload your app on Google/Apple app store?

You can directly integrate Overview (v1) to your Bubble app via the REST API.

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Looking to get set up on the App Store first. I’ll take a look! Does it work with Apple in app purchases?

Yes it works.

Checkout comparision guide- Ultimate Bubble native wrapper comparison written by Damian

I’ve used The BDK at least 10 different times—I’m a huge fan.

You only need to get a new build (which is $39 for both iOS and Android apps) if you want to change your app icon, description, or anything to do with the listing itself. Any changes you make within Bubble will be updated right away as it would on the web…because it is on the web, it’s just a wrapper.

There are a lot of resources from the website, and even more in-depth resources in the docs.

This seems interesting, so you are saying you can use revenue cat’s REST API and it can trigger an in-app purchase on the user’s device if your app is wrapped? Have you used this before? Thanks