Add percentage to dynamic data

Hey all!

Adding a function, where I want to pull a number from the dynamic data API (which is working fine). However I want to add 5% to the number pulled from the API and display that number.

How can I add a percentage to a dynamic data number? Even if I can multiply the number by 105% or something like that.

For example, if the number that the API prints out is 100, I want it to display with +5% on it, so in this case, as 105.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Initial number = x
Desired number = y
Multiplier = 1.05 (105%)

x * 1.05 = y

Save x in a number field called “Initial Number”.
Then save y in a separate number field called “Desired Number”

You can (and probably should) save the Multiplier as well.

From the way you phrased your question, it seems you know what you’re doing so if you’re still having trouble with this, please elaborate on the exact problem you’re having.


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Thanks so much man! I was stupidly trying to multiply by 105% instead of 1.05