Add "rotation angle" to icon AND icon designed by user(s)

It’s possible to rotate elements, but not icons. The rotation angle of an icon is determined by its design. Would the functionality be possible to add to icons too?

Could be useful sometimes when you find an icon that you could use straight from the library.

I’m wondering if there’s an interest in using personally designed icons? In such case, would it be possible to add those icons to the icon library, either locally or universally? Yes, you can use Image element, but it wouldn’t be a workaround more than an added functionality.

I know this is flirting with going away from standards, but it might be interesting and very useful for users that wish to create apps with especially individual design or coherent design.


I think this would be great.


Need this too

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…would definitely use this functionality…


I would love to see this feature. Also with images you are not able to change the color in a fast way. It´s not flexible

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me too

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This would be great, especially if the rotation angle were dynamic

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This would be great, especially if the rotation angle could have dynamic values

There is definitely a plugin for this.

[NEW PLUGIN]: Move, Rotate & Resize Bubble elements From @BubbleSam

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Also, a bit of CSS in general can help do a lot with design, animations etc. Here’s a plugin I made. DM with any questions or specific requests.