Add the same user more than once in a field with multiple entries

I have a field that is linked to the user, but it does not accept the same entry more than once

I would like to insert the username in the field more than once, is there any option for that, or is it just converting to text and splitting later?


Hey @arsom.nolasco :wave:

That’s a common issue that we need to overcome. I normally just make a list outside of that datatype.

So, a new datatype called ‘kills’. Then you have a field for user not as a list. Then you can have duplicates. Just attach everything that you need to that new dataType. Maybe the ‘game’ or something and the other user. Something like that.

Does that make sense?


Kill -

  • User that was killed - User (Not list)
  • Game - Game
  • User that killed - User (Not list)

Hope that helps! :blush:


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