Adding continuing range then selecting a random number

Hi Bubble guys and gals,

I need to create the following workflow.

User selects a number of entries (numeric value) against a listing (listing ID).

Once entered I need to populate an entry database with the following structure

User - Current user
Listing - Listing ID
Entry range - last number (1 if blank) - (plus number of entries)

Example (User is the first to enter on specific listing and buys 5 entries)

User - Joe Bloggs
Listing - 123456
Entry range - 1 - 5

Once this database structure is in place I need to select a random number from the max number in the numeric range from a individual listing ID, then populate an additional column with “Won” where that number lies in the rows.

Can this be achieved in Bubble?

Your response will be much appreciated!

Which solution fits best depends on how many users and listings, see discussion of a similar but simpler problem:

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