Adding jQuery script inside my app

I have a jQuery script which i bought from codecanyon it consist of many files ( js,html,css),
Im trying to include this script in my app but it is not working, here what i have tried to do so far:
1- i tried using the page HTML header & HTML element, but couldn’t get to work since the scripts need all the files in the same folder.
2- then i tried using my Apache server and then used the url & path of the files to include it inside the code, but for some reason it wont work, from what i have read the files needs to be on the same server to work.
3- so i tried to use the upload to root option in bubble, and uploaded all the files one by one, it didn’t work because the developer said that i will need to have a 0755 permission on the folders which i cant do in bubble.

i don’t know what should i do next, any ideas is really appreciated.
Here is the script i’m talking about


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Hi, @LinuxUser - did you ever get to the bottom of this question?

I didn’t find a complete solution, but i deployed it to my Apache server then used an iframe inside my bubble app, that worked for this issue.

But the problem is that this script needs to access the database of the bubble app and needs to find a way where it can interact with workflows,states and groups …etc of the bubble app to become useful, because it is in iframe you can’t do that, i had to stop working on this project unfortunately.

I would suggest you try this:

Create a private Github repository
Upload your plugin folder/files to the repository
Use jsDelivr as a CDN for your plugin. Reference:
Target your scripts from the bubble app, something like this:

See how that does for you!


Thank you, I will look into this soon and report back with the result, I appreciate it :slight_smile: