Adding options based on options

Hello, I have stored a list of schools in an option set and want it to be that you can select them from a dropdown. As you can see, the dropdown is not showing anything so where am I doing this wrong? Also, I want to add a feature where you can type in a few letters such as “App…” and then automatically one of the inputs such as “Apple” shows up so you don’t have to just keep scrolling through the list. How do I do this?

Firstly, nothing will show in the dropdown in the editor (aside from the placeholder) - you’ll only be able to see the dropdown list in Preview, or in the live app.

Secondly, the dropdown menu will display whatever you set as the ‘Option Caption’, which currently you haven’t set anything, hence why nothing will display in the dropdown menu in preview. You need to select ‘current option’ and then select whichever attribute of you option set you want the dropdown menu to display.

As for you last point, in order to to that you’ll need to use a search box instead of a dropdown.

That still didn’t work. The option set is named School with attributes being school names (list of schools).

Can you screenshot your current configuration for the drop down?
@adamhholmes suggestion is accurate and if not working most likely has to do with how you have either the option set configured or how the drop down is configured.

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