Adding Pure CSS or Javascript Animations to Bubble Elements?

Hello everyone! Maybe this is just me coming across this, but if Bubble added super simple (no fading or bouncing) Slide-Up and Slide-Down animations (left and right too), I believe they would be the most popularly used animations. But, since they don’t exist:

Has anyone been able to add pure CSS or Javascript animations to bubble elements before?

I would love to learn how to add a slide-down and slide-up animation to a group-focus element. This would make mobile menu interactions real smooth.

As of right now, I’m thinking we could use the ID Attributes on the reference element and GroupFocus. Use the “Run Javascript” action after the reference element is clicked to initiate a transition?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Edit: Animations exactly like the Menu plugin from Bubble would be awesome. I need dynamic data in my menu, otherwise I would use that!

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