Adding subtracting two lists (alternative to sumproduct)


I am trying to subtract two list of dates - but can not figure out how to do it.

I have an table - Order, with the following fields:

I want to find out the average delivery time in days for a given city (so I can display expected delivery date when a user enter city name/pin code). How do I subtract the list of “delivery_date” and “order_date”?

Thanks for the help

@romanmg gaby - have you encountered this?

Yes, you can do this be creating a number field under your Order type called “Delivery_Time”. When Delivery Date is ready to be saved to the order, you’d make a change to the order:

Delivery_Time = Delivery_Date minus Order_Date :formatted as days

Then to display the average to the user in a text element, you can do a search: Search for Orders Delivery_Time :average. The search should also have the city constraint.

Hope this helps!

thanks @romanmg. So no way to do calculations like these (maths on two lists) on the fly?

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