Adding Text and Numbers in one field

I require customers to search for Product Codes the product code has Text and Numbers ie: RX101

Thank you for sharing this info with us :slight_smile:

P.S. Is it a question? What problem do you have?

Hi Artemzheg
Thank you for your reply
I am populating my Database with my product range I will require the standard fields
“Colour” Size" " Price" etc one field i will require is “Product Code” e.g RX101
The field input requires Text or Numbers not both

But RX101 contains both letters and numbers?

That’s my problem is there a solution to creating this field

A field containing arbitrary glyphs should be of type “text” (what normal people call a string).

Hi Keith
Thank you for your recent reply
I figured out that you can Input Numbers in Text fields
(number cannot be used for any form of calculations)

By the definition of ‘Text’ its essentially a printed text string rather say a number that has defined formatting and specific math operators. It will also have its own compatibility across Bubble in specific elements, logic, conditions and use cases.
With that said, you can use a dynamic operator on a text field to perform maths functions :convert to a number.

So it’s pretty nifty if say your product is RX101 and you are using something incremental, you could reference this text and use that converted to a number + 1, then reprint the new text value e.g. RX102. Additionally you could even use the extract via Regex approach which allows more of a granual approach.

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