Adding Widgets - Tabbed Menu + Tagged Items

Hi all,

I have just started using Bubble, I have gone through the training videos and some exercises. I am trying to create a basic SaaS platform using tabbed menus ( and tagged items (

The instructions say:
“To add one of the tabbed menus to your app, simply go to the Bubble editor, select the outer group the menu is contained in, right-click and select “copy with workflows”, and then paste the group (with workflows) into your app. You can edit the tab names, icons, and colors, and the menu page contents. You can also add a tab by copying an existing tab-menu pairing and using the copy/paste with workflows function.”

  1. What does “select the outer group the menu is contained in” mean? Where can I find this in the editor?
  2. How do I then “paste the group”?
  3. What is “tab-menu pairing”?

Hi @doron.luder,

Here’s a quick video demo on how to copy the tabbed menus widget to your app:

Thank you!

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