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Admin page security

It would be really cool if we could limit access to our apps admin page with username and password, in the same way we do it with by limiting access to whole app from Settings panel. It looks more secure that way

what do you guys think?

Do you mean where we select our apps for editing and whatnot?

I think the idea is that our login to bubble is the security wall, no?

Why don’t you just put a popup on the page that shows when loaded. Put two input fields for a username and password. Check the box on the popup that says it cannot be closed with escape. Also put a redirect on the page so nobody can even access the page unless their email is the same email as the admin of your site.


How do you have “Limit access to a specific page”? My general tab only has the ability to limit the entire app.

(or did you photoshop that?)

i just photoshopped that :slight_smile: