Admin page with no users?

I am creating a website where i am manually imputing data alot of data, but i want to make it easier by making page where i input data! This being said because there are no user’s accounts on the site, how would i set it up so i can input the data and keep that page hidden from casual users?

underneath data then datatype users you can create a field called admin, that is type yes/no.

Then go to data then the tab app data and users, create a new user and make admin= yes. Then click save. You just created your admin user.

Now go to your data input page. Go to the workflow tab. Click the empty box. Select “When page is loaded”. Add a condition: Only when "current users admin= no.

Then add the workflow action: Go to page (index)

Now anyone who is not that admin user you just created, upon page load of your input page is immediately redirected to your index page.

hope that makes sense.

But how do i make the page hidden with no login, i dont want users to be able to see there is an admin login?

you can put a whole group or shape in front of it that is only hidden when page is loaded and current user admin is yes.

Or the text that if clicked redirects to your admin page can also be only visible if admin = yes.

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