Advanced filtering with a multi select dropdown

I’ve seen a few videos and helpful blog posts on how to achieve this, but on my app the advanced filter won;t allow me to select my multi seelct dropdown, I’m sure I’ve done something dumb with the setup but can’t for the life of me work out what:
Here’s my dropdown setup, it is set to a list of Tags

This is the setup of my Flows,which are what I['m trying to filter down, it also has a list of tags:

But when I try to use the intersect with function to compare the two, It is greyed out

Can anyone work out what I’m doing wrong?

Looks like you are doing nothing wrong.

I’ve seen this happen multiple times on client apps over the past few weeks. It is likely a Bug in Bubble.

When working with my clients during live training sessions and this same sort of thing occurred where it was greyed out with ‘incompatible type’, we just needed to refresh the browser tab and then it was fine.

Somebody should report a bug to Bubble though so they can fix it.

Try switching the order. Sometimes that works for me.

Advanced: Multidropdown Tags’s Tags intersect with This Flow’s Tags

Or something like that…