Again again... how many times should we report this?

Dear @Bubble
Please please do something about it.

See for instance the Google Maps API Doc about this field. It is optional :

So in the editor, we make the field empty…

But what we see in the editor is not what we get !

Because you still use the value used for initiate the API call as the default value when the field is left empty intentionally !

Do you plan to change anything about it someday ? If you don’t, can you at least enhance the value in the editor by the one you use behind the scene so we are aware ? @allenyang

remove the value in the API Connector so instead bubble will not replace it by the default setting in API Connector.

If this is not enough, you can consider create a json in body instead and post it to Clean JSON plugin and use the result into your API Call

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Sure, I would do it if it was my calls. But it would still be a workaround. And here I’m using a plugin, so I don’t have to make it myself.
My post is about asking a real solution, by design.

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