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Hi everyone,
I’m trying to add video chat features on a webapp, and I found this company called agora ( I really like their offer, and I’m interesting in adding their SDK to a bubble app. however, I really don’t know how to do that (SDK with bubble is that even possible?).
I know that other companies offer the possibility to use embed features but it’s really not what I’m interesting in now.
Bottom line is, I’m looking for someone that has already implemented features like and which would be interested in some guidance (one or two hours) to guide me through the core concepts of this implementation. I have been playing with Bubble for more than two years now and building a lot of apps, but SDK is still a blindspot for me. So I really want to learn how to implement it.

I’m willing to pay of course if needed.

Thans a lot!


PM sent
Anna J

I can help you out. Please, let me know if this requirement is still open? thanks.

I’ll PM you (we just did it)

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Give this one a shot.

🖥 Agora Video Conferencing (WebRTC) - New Plugin from Zeroqode

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Hello Afinizo,

I work at The Upstarters and one of our senior development managers could help you with this. I’ve just messaged you with more details.

Look forward to chatting to you,


Operations Manager

did you make clubhouse :slight_smile: good finding a year ago!