AI powered Chat Bot in Rapid Dev's Templates!

Hi Bubblers, here is more good news before the weekend! :newspaper: :cocktail:

Following our earlier announced intention to enhance our templates with AI powers, we worked to bring the AI Chatbot feature that uses the Cerum AI, to some of our well-known templates.

What does this mean for you as a template buyer?
:man: <> :robot: Using this paid feature, you can track, register, and reply to any questions asked by your customers (in the framework of the content you’ve uploaded to AI).

Each of the below-mentioned templates comes with a chat window on the index page and 2 managing tabs on the admin dashboard.

The setup is pretty straightforward and we tried to explain as detailed as possible how this can be done:

:warning: Please note that chatbots within our templates are trained with documents made out of our supporting documentation, namely the following article:
So they can answer any question mentioned there!
To make the chatbot smarter, upload your own documents in our demo apps and give it a try! :wink:

Happy Bubbling and have a great weekend! :sunflower:

In case of any questions or help requests, drop us a message :wink:

Rapid Dev Support Team


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