🗣 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ AI Voice Control for Bubble App [No API!]

Hey Bubblers!

Harness the power of on-device Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer your users an intuitive, customized, voice-controlled app, all in their own language, without any external API dependencies, working also offline on supported browsers.

AI Voice Control for Bubble App allows users to control your app by triggering upon voice commands custom or backend workflows.

The AI engine can be parameterized with any statically- or dynamically-defined vocal commands you set, including the object that the command pertains to.

You can test out our AI Voice Control for Bubble App Plugin with the live demo.


Enjoy !
Made with :black_heart: by wise:able
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Your demo doesn’t work and provides errors.

My client was asking for my OpenAI custom assistant to do the same, you came to save us in the right time!
What AI system does this use? Or is it just speech to text recognition?

Can it be implemented with existing AI systems such as OpenAI?

It generates a specialized AI model to then match the user’s speech with commands.
It doesn’t use any API or external systems to ensure speed and even offline functionality on supported browsers.

Tried to say add cell phone to my basket, add phone to my basket and nothing happened…then I said add iphone to my basket and it worked

EDIT after fixes, this now works when I say add phone to basket

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That’s correct.
The system has matched every time the command to add an item to the basket in your tests, but I trained it the IA only on (part of) the product name.

I will amend the training data on the demo to make it more permissive.

Thanks for providing feedback, it should be much better now :slight_smile:

Hey @lizzie , I sent you a DM to understand what kind of errors you have and on what platform.
Please reply in DM so I may investigate.

no worries, sent u the details over

Arc browser is unfortunately not supported yet, hence the error message you had.

Hi @redvivi,

I subscribed to this plugin today, but there’s an issue I’m facing that I was hoping you could guide me on.

I’ve set the noun parameter to detect = city hospital | country hospital

However, let’s say that my spoken sentence includes “City hospital”, the voice control detects BOTH city hospital and country hospital, as they both contain the word hospital.

Do you know of any solution to this? I tried increasing the threshold but to no avail.

Contacting you in DM to review your implementation and use-case @muhammadqaim33