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Air Date/Time dropper assistance


Trying to use the free plugin Air Date/Time Dropper by zero code.

The only thing is when I create a new thing and try to write both the picked date and the picked time to the my Date/Time field I can only pick one field to write into that field? How do I join the two and write them into a field?

Projecting forward, when I want to edit them, I imagine I am going to have similar issues in updating just the time or just the date?



Even though I have made use of “air date/time dropper” and I have been able to combine the date and time to form one single value.
I will still advise you to making use of “air date/time picker” plugin instead of “air date/time dropper” plugin because it has so much flexibility. Both plugins are by zeroqode.

But if you still insist on using the “air date/time dropper”, when the date is picked, you will have to create an event by selecting an event in the workflow “airdropper date is changed”, save the airdropper date value as a custom state or data source in a group(which would have a date type) that would serve as variable and then when the time is selected, you will also select an event “airdropper time is changed” then you would set a new value for that variable group which would be the variable group value + hours (airdropper hours) + mins (airdropper mins). That is all.

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