Allow custom versions to be password protected in run mode without protecting Live

Hi all,

We have just released a change to enable run mode protection for custom versions in your Bubble application! You can learn more about these features here and here.

Before this change, when opting in to run mode protect a version, there would be a checkbox labeled “Only apply in Development mode” that would become available. Checking this checkbox would password-protect the run mode Development version but not the Live version. However, this did not work the same for custom versions (i.e. versions that are not Development or Live). Checking the checkbox “Only apply in Development mode” in a custom version would not password protect the custom version’s run mode.

We have now changed the caption of the checkbox “Only apply in Development mode” to “Do not apply password for Live”. The behavior for the Development version will still be the same despite this language change. Now, custom versions will be able to have their run mode password protected but not have this protection applied when the version is deployed to Live.
Say I have three versions in my application: “Live”, “Development”, and “version123.” If I password protect both “Development” and “version123” with the checkbox “Do not apply password for Live” checked then the protection of these two versions will behave in the same manner. You can however set different username/password combinations per version.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Thanks @zoe1 !

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