[alpha] Pre-signing private files

Hi all,

I’ve been seeing a need to share files/images etc. with external services over https, this doesn’t work with private files as they need to be authenticated (an issue if you don’t want to send an app token to an external service) or sent as base64.

I’ve built a test plugin to use Bubble’s default method to sign the urls using an API key and server side action.

I’m trying to gauge interest and whether to invest time to test and release this plugin so my question is:

  • Would this be of much use to anyone out there?
  • Are there existing, simpler methods? (aside from appending tokens or making temporary public files)

Quick demo below:
pre-sign demo

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I highly need this. How did you do it?

Hey @hoke i haven’t built out the plug-in yet (aside from the POC).

1- run a GET to your file with API key
2-Bubble’s API connector downloads the file instead of returning the URL so you have to…
3-catch the redirect as a string instead of downloading the file (you can see what I mean if you disable redirects in a Postman call)

Happy to collab with someone to build this out - I just don’t have the time right now

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