[Am I Doing Right?] Database Logic - Performance POV

i am doing a QR-Menu system for restaurant.
a SPA QR Menu as front-end

  • i expecting there will be a lot “testing” orders ( meaning browsing the menu, add to order but eventually NOT submitting the order )

  • So, for performance and scaling issue, I think is better NOT TO CREATE A NEW Data before customer eventually SUBMIT the ORDER

  • Order Data included : Product, modifiers, quantity, selected add on

  • So My Logic = Have browser record these data b4 the final Submission

  • i create a State in an element to hold these data in this format:
    ( List of Texts, in a element State )

  • when customer actually placed the order, there will be an workflow to create Order to database.

My question, is this considered logical from Perf/Scaling perspective?
Many thanks in advanced.

I’d have a workflow that deletes “in progress orders” at 3am daily.

That should solve scaling issues if you’d like to keep the “make a new order” for browsers