Am I overthinking my database?

I’m having THE hardest time figuring out how to structure my database and it’s really slowing my progress. I appreciate any suggestions on how to organize so I can move forward! The basics of my app is I have 2 users: event organizers and contractors (or ATCs). The event organizers can post jobs and the ATCs can bid on and be awarded said jobs.

The part where I’m getting stuck is how to organize the jobs. Initially I was thinking of having 3 main data types: Event Organizers, ATCs and Jobs but the jobs can have a ton of different fields details. Here’s an example of how it can break down:


  • Job Details
    • Name
    • Sport
    • Pay
  • Job Location #1
    • Location Name
    • Location Address
    • Location #1 Site Contact
      – Name
      – Phone
    • Location #1; Shift #1
      – Date
      – Time
    • Location #1; Shift #2
      – Date
      – Time
  • Job Location #2 (etc)

(Hopefully this makes sense.) Needless to say, the Job data type will get VERY lengthy. I know that I can structure a filed type as a list to better organize it, but 1, I don’t know what would be the list in this case, and 2, how are lists reflected in the database? I think I’m confused on whether or not the Jobs data should be one lengthy database or if I should create multiple databases (ie job details, location details, and shift details) and then use those to create lists and populate a Jobs database. I’m confusing myself just talking about it. Any life rafts out there?

You should do this.


List of Job Details

Job Detail

List of Job Locations

Job Location
List of Job Shifts

Job Shift



Thank you! I realize I kept confusing myself because my data type labels were too unique! I should have been thinking the big fish eats the medium fish east the small fish instead of the shark eats the tuna eats the guppy. Thanks for simplifying my brain! goes back to breathing*

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