🤖 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ Amazon Q for Business - Your Generative AI Assistant with your own data (websites, emails, files, databases, collaboration tools, ticketing systems...) [incl. Automated AWS Environment Setup]

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Amazon Q for Business is your private AI-powered chat assistant fed with your own data sources.

Amazon Q answers questions from users by accessing and analyzing your data from websites, Gmail emails, files stored in Google Drive, Amazon S3 bucket, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint along with Confluence pages, Jira, ServiceNow or Zendesk tickets and records in Salesforce or major databases.
It presents responses in a natural conversational manner.

Some key benefits of Amazon Q include:

  • It provides accurate and comprehensive answers to user queries by understanding information across all connected enterprise data sources.

  • Amazon Q is easy to deploy and manage as it handles complex machine learning infrastructure and model development. Admins can connect various data sources using pre-built connectors.

  • Organizations have control over what sources Amazon Q can use to respond. They can choose to allow only internal data, public information, or a combination.

  • Access to Amazon Q responses is governed by user permissions to respective enterprise content. Integration with SAML identity providers allows managing authentication and authorization.

  • It offers out-of-box connectivity to popular data platforms like Amazon S3, Microsoft SharePoint, and Salesforce.

List of data sources:


  • Website crawler

Cloud Storage Services

  • Box (Cloud)
  • Dropbox (Cloud)
  • Google Drive (Cloud)
  • OneDrive (Cloud)
  • WorkDocs (Cloud)
  • S3 (Cloud) (On-Prem)

Email Services

  • Gmail (Cloud)
  • Microsoft Exchange (Cloud)

Database Services

  • Amazon RDS (MYSOL) (Cloud)
  • Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL) (Cloud)
  • Amazon RDS (Microsoft SQL Server) (Cloud)
  • Amazon RDS (Oracle) (Cloud)
  • Aurora (MYSOL) (Cloud)
  • Aurora (PostgreSQL) (Cloud)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (On-prem)
  • MYSOL (On-prem)
  • PostgreSQL (On-prem)
  • IBM DB2 (On-prem)

Collaboration and Communication Tools

  • Adobe Experience Manager (Cloud) (On-prem)
  • Jira (Cloud)
  • Microsoft Teams (Cloud)
  • Quip (Cloud)
  • SharePoint (Cloud) (On-prem)
  • Slack (Cloud)
  • Microsoft Yammer (Cloud)
  • Confluence (Cloud) (On-prem)
  • Zendesk (On-prem)

Content Management Systems

  • Alfresco (Cloud) (On-prem)
  • Drupal (Cloud)

Version Control System

  • GitHub (Cloud) (On-prem)

Customer Relationship Management

  • Salesforce Online (Cloud)

IT Service Management

  • ServiceNow Online (Cloud)

File System

  • Amazon FSx (Cloud)

You can test out our AWS Amazon Q for Business Plugin with the live demo.

Enjoy !
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Very nice looking. Website crawler looks best for instant wiki page to chat assistant feature :star_struck:

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Are prompts or responses saved anywhere that are outside of my app?

Not on my end @thomasbostwick . On AWS side, please refer to their privacy policy.