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Animate - Complex Animations [PLUGIN]

Yo Bubblers & Community

Let me present a brand new plugin - “Animate - Complex Animations

This plugin allows you to build complex and eye stunning animations.
Its advanced features allow you to animate literally each bubble element on the page.

A video capture from the DEMO page. (UPDATE: Animated & Blured gradient)

Feel free to like and bookmark this post, to be in touch with new updates.
Next steps we plan to present a dedicated documentation for the plugin and video tutorials.

For details & support also feel free to check our community to find much more interesting.

Have a great day everyone :green_heart:
Mr. Bubbles



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It might look interesting, but your demo page isn’t responsive and there aren’t many examples on there.

You might want to showcase it better so we understand what it can do.

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Yes sir :grin:

It’s work in progress on showcase.
The demo page will be changed also to responsive soon.
After updates I’ll post in this thread to let you know :wink: