💯 Animated Annotations - New Plugin by EzCode

Create beautiful, hand like, animated rough annotation on a web page.
Easy to use, with different animation types.


Demo: https://ezplugins-demo-1.bubbleapps.io/animated_annotations
Plugin in Marketplace: https://bubble.io/plugin/animated-annotations-1601995216428x610037590258352100

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Andrew, from EzCode team.


This is perfect for the website I am working on. Will definitely buy. How do these animations get triggered? Can it be triggered through hovering?

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It is triggered via workflow actions, you can see it in plugin demo editor.

Will see if we can do it to be triggered on hover, thanks.

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We are glad to inform you that we added the feature to trigger on hover :slight_smile:


Good job! :+1:

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Thanks guys! Will be purchasing within the next 3 days

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New feature, auto trigger animation when the element is in center of viewport.


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Wait !..can this plugin allow a user to anotate on an uploaded image, pdf within a bubble app.
If so, can the user add a comment to the annotation so that he can explain what the annotation or drawing is about?

You can anotate the whole image by giving it an ID. It will not work in a pdf, or at least it would require some changes in the plugin.

This is a good idea, maybe we will add it in future updates as a separate feature.