Another Paging Question

Hi Guys,

I’m playing around and testing different things on bubble as i’m new to it and :heart: it (discobot will be happy!)

I have a Repeating Group filled with a datasource. This currently has 13 items in it.
Here is the demo:

As you can see when you click on the 4th page, instead of item 13 being at the top and 3 blank spaces below it moves item 9 off the top and puts item 13 at the bottom.

Is there any way to have item 13 at the top and blank spaces below? (like a proper page)

I have looked on the forum but could find anything to help.

Thanks :+1:

Hey! How you doing?
Can you post the repeating group dynamic configuration? Just for see how its actually.
I can see the link on the 4 page but i cant figure what you did in the code.


The repeating group works like this intentionally. See this post: Paging a repeating group

I’ve put the app in public view.
Here’s the link so you can see what I have done…

So is there another type of container of another way of getting the desired result?