Any Bubble Developers based in NSW, Australia?

Paid contract / freelance work
Location: New South Wales, Australia

Hey there!

We’re on the hunt for a gun developer who knows their way around Bubble to lead a project with Validly ( If you’re located in New South Wales and have a background in back-end development, workflows, and APIs, we want to hear from you!

Interested in learning more? Send us a DM with your resume and relevant experience.


*NOTE: Location is not personal preference here, we love remote work! It’s a condition of our funding for this particular work. All project costs are required to go to suppliers with a registered business in NSW, Australia.

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Hi Josh
Bhrigu here.
I am based in Melbourne and manage a bubble agency based in Australia. However my dev team is based in India, I am happy to coordinate the efforts and project management for you, will be available AEST . If you are keen do let me know and we can discuss further.
And yes we have extensive experience with bubble workflows, API’s , plugins, front end dev and responsive design. You can check out some of our work on our website.

Hello @josh27 ,
Hope you are doing well,
I have sent you PM, please check it.
thank you