Any chance that the Paypal API gets integrated to Bubble?

I was considering some local payment proccessor, however I noticed that integrating Paypal here would solve a global problem, we “bubblers” from all parts of the world would be able to sell and profit from our web apps… is it on the development roadmap? If not, how can we work towards adding it?

I’m saying this because I feel stuck regarding my Bubble web app development because I’m not being able to take the time to learn code enough to integrate it on my own with a custom block from Blockspring.

Paypal folks do have an API.


Your can add the HTML snippet to the page ?

Then use Zapier to trigger transactions to be stored in Bubble.

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I considered that, but I’m having trouble charging and proccessing the sale first place, because the HTML button allows for just a standard fixed price. I’ll have to learn how API works and try to do some custom block anyway. I believe that the API can tell Bubble that the transaction was successfull, and my Bubble app has an internal way to report.

Still, thank you for the input!

For many folks outside US, Paypal is the only alternative.


We just added this


How soon can we expect a payment services plugin that will work for countries like India and China ?

Well doesn’t Paypal work in India?

Not really … They ran into some regulatory issues and had to shut down…

Well we could look at providers for India, though it’d probably be on a sponsored basis as it’s quite specific (even though it’s a big market).

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Sponsoring it is difficult for me (I’m a student and dont really earn). But I can point to Razorpay, which is exactly like Stripe but for India (its integrated with all wallet, banks, cards etc.). Here’s their API:
Not sure how difficult / time consuming it would be to integrate for you guys, but would be great to have it.
I promise to help out bubble if I can launch and my idea takes off obviously :smile:

I would also love to use this function as i am from South Africa. I am unable to use Braintree (Sandbox tested perfect but would not allow me to open an account outside of the listed countries) and Stripe (I am unable to see how transfers would work outside of the current 25 listed countries).
I have a PayPal account in USD, and i can receive payments in my local bank from here, but i need a method to get it in PayPal.
I have noticed that someone mentioned Zapier else ware and @NigelG also mentioned it above, but as per my understanding tou need the $20 per month package. As a startup with a terrible exchange rate to the USD i would like to keep costs down, I’ll rather pay the transaction fee than a fixed monthly for now.
Is there any advice on an alternative please?

I would also be interested in any integration between Paypal and Bubble.

Are there enough people chasing this api and willing to sponsor it? We could also look at adding the paypal micro-payments api…

+1 to this,

I don’t understand why there is no plugin on bubble that integrates with PayPal fully that you can charge and refund …etc like strip. Brain tree is still not supported in many countries.

@jarrad I loved many of your plugins, for myself if you make a premium PayPal plugin I would purchase it.


Have you guys figured out how to integrate the PayPal API in Bubble?