Any ideas on how to build something like this in Bubble?

I want to create a tool like this one

Where users can write / upload and edit on top of a base image.
is this possible to create in bubble? any ideas how to approach this?


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Put the image of a blank T-shirt on the background of a “group”. Then put inputs in that group wherever you’d like.

Then, use this plugin

It will allow you to take a picture of that group. T-shirt mockup done!


Thank you so much, this pretty smart.
But what about if the user wants to move the text element around, is it possible to do this? and rotation …etc?
The same for the image? how to allow the user to move it around and resize it and rotate it? i assume using states+conditional formatting, right?

Thank you

No problem. If you want to rotate the image, you could simply put an “image” element into the group. Image elements allow for rotation. Text elements do too. Thus, instead of inputs, you could put text elements onto the image and dynamically decide whether or not they are visible / what their text is.

Then, you could have inputs elsewhere that determine what text is displayed on the text elements. Should work!

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I think i got it,
Thank you so much, this will help me a lot

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Could you please share some guidelines ?
How could the user rotate the image on a selected area ?