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Any Kiwi Bubblers out there?

Kia ora, any Kiwi bubblers out there?

The Aussie’s have their own “Any Aussies?” thread so I’ve made a Kiwi one. Better mention New Zealand a few times so the search indexes.

Sweet as :call_me_hand:

Yep - will be interesting to see how many of us there are!

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From Auckland here! First came across Bubble a couple of years ago and I’ve been keeping a close eye but been waiting for the flexbox based designer to come out to jump into building.

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Well then there’s at least 3 of us.

Just bumping this to the top - Shout out to any Kiwi Bubblers in lockdown.

Been a great time to learn no-code. Really enjoying exploring the Bubble and Airtable stack! But yeah, pretty difficult times, hope we get out of this soon.

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Great idea for a thread, thanks Lindsay. I’ve been Bubbling since 2017. Based in Auckland these days!

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Cool I’m on Waiheke … (trapped on Waiheke) … so you work for Airdev … interesting … are they good guys to work for?

Waiheke! What a dream!

Airdev are fantastic. You know about our partner program? Kiwis are a vastly underrepresented demographic. . .

Hi Lindsay
Mark here from Waikanae Beach.
Good to hook up with you guys and gals.

Cool - I’ve seen you posting quite a bit - didn’t realise you were local.

Hey y’all! Yep been bubbleing 6 years now. I’m in Mission bay in Auckland.

Let’s have a catch up after Lock down. I have office in Britomart we can have a meetup.

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Cool, after lockdown … that’ll be in Spring then :weary:

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Friend of mine works for an Australian company who are looking for a full time Bubble dev based in Australasia, in case it’s of interest to anyone here: