Any plugin for database modification with csv?

Hi all, I need my front-end users to be able to modify data with a simple CSV upload.

If a thing already exists, it should modify it instead of creating it’s duplicate.
Is there any plugin or functionality that makes this possible?

Create an endpoint with the necessary logic and use the bulk update functionality from the Bubble editor database, yes there is a plugin, it is called 1T CSV upload…you do not need to do anything with API endpoints; it is very straightforward and easy to use

@cmarchan is it possible to upload a CSV dataset via the Bulk operations on the API?

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I should have clarified that the CSV would be be uploaded to the dB and from then an endpoint.

Eli’s plugin works well in this situation so great guidance!

I’m still a bit confused. Is the CSV capable of being uploaded to the DB from an API endpoint? My understanding is that our apps can expose their database data types via API endpoints and we can allow users to add data to the database via the API calls to our apps API endpoints, but I’m not sure if there is a way for the user to upload a CSV other than through the workflow action built in by Bubble or from a plugin.