Any possiblity to capture the Workflow has error "Operation timed out -- app too busy"

I have Daily scheduled workflow, if one of workflow has error like “Operation timed out – app too busy”. I hope this workflow function was partial items only completed. but need to do remaining items.
So, I need to check this workflow have successfully completed. if not then, need to proceed the remaining items by another workflow.

Any suggestions?

@manikandan There is right now no way to be warned about a failed API Worklfow. True !

Same thing if a third party plugin responds with an error. Your API workflow stops. That’s it. You can’t trigger another workflow. You can’t send yourself an alert.
True fact !

@allenyang I already mentioned this to @emmanuel

Not being able to handle errors programmaticaly in Bubble is a real limit right now for building robust & reliable apps.


Thanks @nicolas_dap.

Any plugin or code is there for handle the error and re-run the workflow?

No, it must be done natively. And I’ve never read any announcement about adressing this.
That’s unfortunately a burden for developing relying apps.

Best way to handle this is to setup a process temp table for your backend (“scaffolding approach”). At start of workflow, spawn a row in this temp table with a starter val. Then after each successful action in the workflow, set an incrementing value/number to the row. Delete on completion.

Then go back through your workflow and add skip conditionals if the value of this row is greater than the value of the current action.

DB-driven automatic process resumption.