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Any way for an application to know precisely which people have it open?

We match people for 1on1 video conversations in our app, and we only match people who are in attendance. As such, it’s important that we know who has the application open, and who doesn’t.

Currently, we toggle a field in our DB when user’s check-in so that we know they’re in attendance. Any way for us to toggle this field off when user’s close the window?


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I’m thinking you could have a timer say every 10 seconds, telling a script to update the current time in milliseconds, onto an input element, that is autobound to a database field.

Slightly different use case which you could adapt:

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Very creative idea. I like it!

I’m trying to implement this (a bit overdue, I know) and running into a challenge.

I can’t set a value in the auto-binded input via Bubble, because it’s auto-binded. So, I’m trying to copy a value from one input field to the auto-binded one with JS. Challenge I’m running into is that there’s no seconds field.

Any way to include seconds within a date input field that’s auto-binded to the DB?

One way is to store seconds instead of a date …
Use a number field instead of a date field.
Make the autobound input an integer type.
The JS updates it with
$('.bubble-element .Input[placeholder="last visit secs"]').val(Math.trunc(

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