Any way to remove browser scroll bar?

Any way to do this with Bubble or HTML ? :slight_smile:

I think @levon has a plugin he built that gives some scroll bar magic. I’m guessing you’re using a Windows machine to develop on if you’re seeing scrollbars, as macOS tends to hide them until you’re actually scrolling. I used to do all my development on Mac until I saw one of my apps on a Windows machine and wanted to vomit. Now, I do most of my development on Windows so I can optimize for scrollbar hell as I go.

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thanks @andrewgassen!

here is the plugin link

Thanks guys - This is exactly right- developed on Mac, no issues but its being displayed as a kiosk on windows.

Anyway to just disable as the background is an image (so choosing white scrollbar etc won’t hide it :/)

Yes, the plugin allows you to hide (disable) the scroll bar.

Amaaazing thank you!

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