Any WU Experts that can help me here?

Hey all,

My app is a collaboration app. Essentially, someone makes a post, someone else sees that post, and if they want to, they’ll start a collaboration.

To start collaborations, I use a button. If a collaboration was already started with said post, this button’s appearance will be changed and will also do a different action rather than starting a collaboration.

The initial page load is costing me 12 WU per user. The log isn’t the most informative because the majority of that WU is going towards “Individual Data Request” (6.08 WU). And when I click to zoom in on “Individual Data request”, nothing happens, so I have no idea what it is.

The rest of that WU is going towards the conditions I have set to change the appearance of the button (I think).

So essentially my questions are
-Is 12 WU for the initial page load average or above average?
-What is an Individual data request? Is there a way to reduce it?

-Which of the following searches is most efficient at determining if a Collaboration already exists between the user and a post?

  1. Search for collaborations between user and X post :count >= 1
  2. Search for collaborations between user and X post :count is not 0
  3. Search for collaborations between user and X post :first item isn’t empty
  4. Current user’s collaborations :each item’s Post contains parent group’s Post
  5. Current user’s collaborated posts contains parent group’s post.

My app isn’t an SPA because I can’t dynamically change the page name so I suspect that users will load the pages at least 3-4 times each visit, Reducing the WU for these initial loads would be really nice.


Any client side actions are WU free. Any action that involves your DB isn’t. Caveat being any DB calls attached to a client side action.

There’s an issue with how Bubble evaluates any search with 0. It costs more WU.

Also note that any Searches attached to an element will add a realtime search WU cost. Be it a conditional, data source or wherever. If you want to reduce your overall WU usage save searches to states unless you need to provide realtime updates while your user uses a page.

Okay I see, so definitely not doing any searches with count “0”. My list is setup so that users can filter it real time, so saving it to states unfortunately isn’t an option.

I’m going to keep doing tests and see which works best. I think I should launch and as I grow, make adjustments. Or else I’m going to fall into a perfectionist syndrome.

Thanks for your assistance! :slight_smile:

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